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We offer a free, no obligation consultation so please feel free to contact us to arrange a suitable time and discuss your tree surgery project.

An arborist or tree surgeon can be defined as:

"A person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them."

Our experienced tree surgeons are fully qualified, insured, have our own equipment and are very professional / reliable. We will ensure that all your tree work in Edinburgh is completed to the highest standard. We are very professional tree surgeons.

We will tailor our tree work Edinburgh services to your specific tree surgeon for Edinburgh project and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Edinburgh tree surgeon team offer high quality tree work in Edinburgh at very reasonable prices. We serve Edinburgh & the Lothians.

We can remove all the waste and dispose of it ethically by shredding all material to make a high quality garden mulch or we can cut the wood / branches to the size you require for your own wood pile.

Health & Safety

We take our Health and Safety of your tree surgery project very seriously and if we can't complete the project safely (as highlighted in our risk assessment policy), we wont start until the health and safety issue is resolved. We are fully insured and trained in all aspects of modern tree surgery works. We are fully qualified and have public liability insurance.

The Edinburgh Evening News recently awarded me "small business of the year 2012". Read about winning this award. And I also won Garden landscaper of the Year 2015.

Video: overview of an Edinburgh tree surgeon service project

Our Tree Surgeon in Edinburgh services include :

tree surgeon, tree felling, tree pruning, stump removal, trimming, tree crowning, tree pollarding

tree surgery

Our tree surgery for Edinburgh specialist teams will make sure your tree work is completed to the highest possible standards. We are expert tree surgeons and tree care specialists.

With a highly qualified and experienced tree surgery team, using the latest arboricultural techniques and equipment, Colinton Gardening Services tree surgery specialists carry out all aspects of tree surgery across Edinburgh & Midlothians for both private and commercial clients. We are proud of our Edinburgh tree surgeons and keep our techniques and equipment to the best standards available.

We are highly skilled arborists. All work will be completed to your satisfaction and a written estimate will be provided for all enquiries. We will also perform a risk assessment of your tree surgery Edinburgh project for our Health and Safety responsibilities.

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tree felling

We offer quick and cost effective master tree surgeons and tree felling / tree removal experts for both residential and commercial tree felling.

tree felling Edinburgh
We are very professional tree surgeons offering tree felling and tree surgery across Edinburgh and Midlothian. We’re proud of our quality tree surgery work, as you will be.

Section tree felling

Section tree felling and tree removal will be used in situations where there is a risk of damage to property, harm to the public or specific requirements to your tree felling in Edinburgh project. This tree felling work consists of the entire removal of the tree, in sections. Each tree felling section will be dismantled using the step cut, break off and with the use of lowering ropes, ensuring the tree can be lowered to the ground safely.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight felling of trees in Edinburgh is the removal of a felled tree as a single unit. Straight felling trees process will be used in situations where there is no risk of damage to property or danger to the public. Straight felled trees will be guided by the use of pulling ropes and felling wedges to ensure a perfectly controlled fall is achieved.

We take great pride in our tree surgery work and will leave your completed Edinburgh tree surgeons project looking nice and tidy. We can remove all tree works materials and dispose of these materials ethically.

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tree pruning & tree crowning

tree pruning Edinburgh

Through constant training in the latest tree surgery and tree crowning techniques, and investing / maintaining quality equipment we can offer tree pruning, tree care and tree crowning of the highest standard. This ensures the perfect result. We are friendly tree surgeons, and carry out tree pruning / tree crowning across Edinburgh and Midlothian.

Each tree will be assessed in relation to its size, shape, condition, species and surrounding trees. All tree crowning and tree pruning will be carried out to ensure the tree is left in a acceptable, well balanced and safe condition. All large limbs will be lowered to the ground using ropes / slings. Diseased, damaged and dead branches will be pruned, crowned back to its collar. With crossed branches they will be pruned / crowned appropriately.

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stump removal

stump removal and stump grinding
Through investing in new equipment we can complete a stump removal (stump grinding) project with minimal disruption. We are friendly and very professional tree stump removal / stump grinding experts and would be happy to answer any of your stump removal in Edinburgh questions.

Stump grinding and tree stump removal consists of the removal of the tree stump and any lateral roots of the tree. We use a combination of hand tools or a machine (stump grinder) to remove your tree stump. Stump removal / stump grinding removes the stump to a depth of 150mm through 300mm. We will backfill the resulting hole with soil or stump grinding waste.

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tree planting

We plant many trees across Edinburgh and Midlothian every year. We can provide a variety of tree planting and tree sourcing options using only the finest quality products. Our friendly & professional tree surgeons can plant trees at your private or commercial property in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

We will dig a hole that is bigger than the root ball - generally 1 and 2/3rds the size of root ball. This tree will be planted into the hole and then back filled with soil, compost and bone meal. The tree will then be twin staked with two ties. High quality mulch will be added to your newly planted tree pit to minimise water loss and prevent weed growth.

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Hedge, bush and tree trimming

When your hedge or tree needs a back, top and sides trim we have years of experience trimming trees / hedge trimming. We constantly invest in training for the latest techniques of hedge / tree trimming and maintain our equipment to the highest standard.

Hedge trimming is an art form and we have worked on the most complex / high hedges and trees. We would love to discuss your hedge trimming and tree trimming project. So feel free to contact us.

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tree pollarding Edinburgh

tree pollarding

Using the latest tree pollarding techniques and equipment our qualified & professional tree surgeons can perform the heaviest tree pollarding procedures. We cover the whole of Edinburgh and Midlothian for your tree pollarding project.

Pollarding of a tree is the most drastic form of tree pruning. For some species (such as poplar or willow) in the wrong environment, this form of pruning is essential so as they do not become a nuisance.

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Removal and recycle of the resulting waste

We invest heavily in professional shredding equipment and maintain our equipment to the highest standard.

wood pile
This means we can shred your material onsite or we can remove of all waste and dispose of it ethically ( we aim to be eco friendly ). Some of our tree surgeon for Edinburgh customers would like us to make a wood pile of the tree felling / tree surgery materials.

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Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

During our estimate we can help you decide weather the tree services you require are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if your property is in a Conservation Area. If the tree is not covered by a TPO or in a Conservation Area you do not require permission from the Council. The council web site has some information about tree services.

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