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Thank you for visiting the garden patios and garden paving section of our web site. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so please contact us regarding your garden landscaping project. garden patios Edinburgh project example

our Edinburgh garden patios & garden paving services

There are many choices you will need to make for your garden paving and garden patio project. We are landscape gardener professionals and are professionals in garden patios and garden paving solutions.

These are just some of the garden patio aspect and patio materials that we can help you choose - please remember we are a phone call away from a friendly chat, and all questions are valid!.

some garden patio questions

garden patio Edinburgh using buff sandstoneWe can design your garden patio for you and show you some garden patio and garden paving ideas from previous paving projects osing natural stone. There is no "one size for all" garden patio and garden paving solution as all paving projects are different. For complex garden patios and garden paving projects we would recommend developing a garden design document. This will help us highlight any problems, (such as drainage) and offer solutions (soak away drains).

With over 10 years experience in landscaping and garden design we can offer fully insured services.

During our initial site visit we will asses the aspect and measurements of your garden patio and highlight any groundwork or preparation works that are required. We can help you with garden patio Edinburgh - hand cut paving circlethe choice of what type of slabbing to use. It is very much up to what your budget is and what your personal taste is. We have sourced garden patio materials from a few pounds a meter through £70 a square meter. There are options available to you whatever your garden patio budget is.

We can leave trade magazines with you that have pictures of slabbing & landscape materials available and also costs of these materials.

Have you considered installing lights? What about patio heaters or external power points?

From this meeting we can give you a detailed estimate (materials and labour) and project timescale's.

We have a portfolio of garden patio and garden paving projects that we can walk you through during this visit.

All our garden patio projects are built on a strong foundation of hard core. We then cement each slab into place. We are professional patio installers.

garden patio Edinburgh before image
garden patio before image.

garden patio Edinburgh during image
garden patio during image.

garden patio Edinburgh after image
garden patio after image - note granite sett edging and a garden sail.

garden patio with stone bench image
garden patio with stone bench.

garden patio Edinburgh pathway
garden patio pathway.

garden patio Edinburgh with fence
garden patio with fence - note matching edging.

Garden Patio & Garden Paving Care, Maintenance and Cleaning

After a few years you may have to re-grout the garden patio / paving slabs using a specialist, weed suppressing sand. Most garden patios take less than few hours to treat with this sand. Depending on the weather and aspect of your patio we recommend pressure washing your garden patio once a year.

Sourcing your garden patio & garden paving materials

Over the years we have built good relationships with suppliers of paving slabs – both from British quarries and abroad to ensure we can source premium paving slabs. We have sourced Caithness Flagstone paving slabs that come from Wick.

Its is very important to use reputable garden patio and garden paving materials brands – it is a false economy to use cheap unbranded slabs.

When ordering paving slabs that are sourced from out with the UK we endeavour to ensure these paving slabs meet strict ethical standards. With Marshall's paving slabs for example they state:

"Marshall's make a commitment that all the workers in our supply chain are paid a fair living wage, no discrimination is practised and hard and inhumane treatment is not allowed".

Choosing your garden patios & paving materials

There is a vast range of paving slabs available, for all budgets and all tastes. There are different colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Indian Flagstone paving slabs are very popular these days not just for their excellent value but also for the choice of colours and textures available.

Please remember that your choice of paving slabs is something you should consider carefully – you will be looking at them for years to come.

Cheap garden patio & garden paving materials

It is a false economy to source cheap garden patio slabs. For sure, you could save a few pounds on unbranded slabs. But will they stand up to our weather? It is possible that cheap patio / paving slabs may not be frost proof and over time they will de-laminate. Are they ethically sourced? Some paving and patio materials come from India / Bangladesh. We only use materials that our suppliers have policies in place to ensure fare treatment of local staff.

Video of a garden patio and landscape gardener project

Our Edinburgh landscape gardeners services

Our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden patios team

So why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation about our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden landscaping team and find out how we can design and build the garden of your dreams.

Our qualified Edinburgh gardeners will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

garden patios Edinburgh FAQs

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding our garden patios Edinburgh services.

A new garden patio will have a large visual impact on your garden makeover. There are statistics that suggest an increase in property value for a recent landscaped garden. Our thoughts are a professionally landscaped garden will help you stand out from other properties for sale.

Please be careful in choosing cheap garden patio slabs. They will be cheap for a reason and may not stand up to our Scottish winters. We only use branded patio slabs from reputable suppliers.

It really comes down to personal preference between these options. It is fair to say a garden patio will outlast decking and is easier to maintain.

Our landscape gardener services include renovating garden patios. Generally we treat and pressure wash the patio and then re-point it. Most types of staining on the garden patio will be cleaned.

We have lots of experience in building garden patios, and other landscape gardener services. We can build your garden patio to your design.

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