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For a free, no-obligation estimate for your garden makeover project - 07717 461 184.

Thank you for visiting our garden landscapers for Edinburgh & the Lothians section of our web site. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so please contact us regarding your soft and hard garden landscaping project.

With over 15 years of experience our fully qualified gardeners, plants-men and gardeners will work with you to help you with your garden design, general garden services, produce a planting plan, build the soft landscaping elements and maintain your garden. We will ensure all work carried out will be of a high standard with professional attention to detail. We have relationships with local garden designers and landscape construction/landscape build specialists to help your garden develop its potential. Our specific skills are with planting design and hard landscape gardening.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself what you want from your garden design and how do you want to use the garden area (entertainment, growing fruit and veg or maybe a low maintenance planting plan). Got a load of questions about your garden design and garden landscaping project? Our landscape gardeners are here to help and all questions are valid. We also have an landscape gardeners advice page which, we hope, will answers some of your questions.

landscape gardener Edinburgh example projectPlease note, we are only a phone call away for a friendly chat about your soft landscaping & hard landscaping choices.

A summary of our Edinburgh based garden landscaping services:

Please contact us for a friendly chat over the full list of landscape gardener services.

Video of a garden patio with steps and raised wooden sleeper beds project

Video of a garden patio and landscape gardener project

We have completed projects from a few hundred pounds to over £30k so whatever your budget is we can devise a solution. We are a professional landscaping company, garden construction/garden build services, general garden services and offer a full garden design service. We can design and build your garden landscaping project.

I was part of the landscape gardener team that won the Garden landscaper of the Year 2015 and the Evening News small business of the year 2012. You can download the Evening News article.

Our landscape design and construction services for Edinburgh, Midlothian include:

Raised beds - both stone and wooden sleepers :: garden patio, paths and paving
Stone and brick work - qualified stone masons :: professional plant knowledge (bespoke planting plans)
Garden makeovers :: dry stone dyke walling
Garden lighting :: garden fencing :: garden gates :: garden design
All aspects of garden maintenance
garden decking :: Mono-block driveways, Block Paving driveways and tarmac / concrete driveways
garden furniture & garden storage

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for your garden makeover so please feel free to contact us. We come highly recommended from previous customers over that past 15 years.

The term Soft Landscaping is used by garden designers and gardeners to describe the vegetative elements of a design. Hard Landscaping is used to describe construction materials used in the design.

What budget for a landscape construction project in Edinburgh?

Property professionals suggest setting aside between 4-10% of your house value to renovate your garden / driveway project. The amount is based on how much value you will actually add by taking on this garden landscaping project. Potential property buyers will always look for well designed and constructed outdoor space, and they prioritise it highly. If you are struggling to set a garden landscaping budget then give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options. We have a series of garden landscaping advice articles and one in particular aims to help you setting a budget for your landscape construction project.

Bespoke Planting Planslandscape gardeners Edinburgh - a completed project.

We generally complete a planting plan for your soft landscaping project towards the end of the hard landscaping construction. The reason for this is once the hard landscaping structure is in place we can then discuss your soft landscaping options.

There are always plants for the soil conditions, water demands, aspect (sun, partial shade, shade), maintenance requirements and your soft landscaping budget.

Please see our section on bespoke planting plans.


garden patios & garden paving projects

There are many choices you will need to make for your garden paving and "garden patio Edinburgh" project.

landscape gardeners Edinburgh - garden patio - hand cut paving circleaspect
size & shape
use a set size of a stone circle or custom cut a stone circle
what materials to use - block paving, slabs, mono-blocks
how to border your garden patio - use mono-blocks for edging
how to handle drainage
what style of patio paving
any particular colour or surface requirements

Please see our section on our garden patio and paving services for more information about these services.


garden decking

Our garden decking designs are bespoke to your project. We will produce a garden design drawing to asses options and impacts for your garden decking project. We are here to help you with friendly advice on subjects such as choosing decking materials, timber decking (softwood or hardwood), timber cladding and whether to build garden storage under the decking.

We have a section on our garden decking services that highlights the choice of materials and design choices.


driveway installation specialist

We have an extensive portfolio of completed "driveways Edinburgh" projects using the very best quality of driveway materials (mono-block and block paving). We also have a "driveways Edinburgh" advice page where we hope to help you make informed decisions about your driveways project.

We are a phone call away from a friendly discussion about your driveway project and will walk you through the many choices you have,

Please see our section on driveway installation for more information on our driveway construction and design services.

dry stone dyke walling services

When you authorise us to build your dry stone walling project you are employing garden landscapers who have professional working knowledge of construction and building techniques.

Please see our section on dry stone dyke walling.

example garden fence installation

garden fencing services

We carry out a site survey so we can introduce ourselves, gain an understanding of your fencing project and discuss your timescale's. We will provide you with a written estimate for both the labour and materials for your garden fencing project.

Remember to think carefully about the choice of fencing materials as you will be looking at the results for years to come.

Please see our section on our garden fencing services which includes advice on choosing materials, design and installation services.


raised beds

A raised bed is a thing of beauty and a great focal point to any garden. Be it a raised bed for growing vegetables & herbs, disabled access or just aesthetics we just love raised beds.

landscape gardeners Edinburgh - raised beds

Raised beds can be constructed from many materials such as wooden sleepers, brick and block work or universal kits.

We have a section on raised beds that aims to help you with your choices.

retaining walls

A retaining walls purpose is to hold back the soil from another level. We have built retaining walls using all types or materials using wooden sleepers, brick, dry stone walling and even breeze blocks with a suitable render.

landscape gardeners construction retaining wall

Building a retaining wall is not a trivial project and there are many options such as foundations, or their aesthetics to be considered.

Please see our section on retaining walls for more information about this service.


groundworks project

We are Health and Safety Compliant practitioners with £5 million public liability insurance.>

Groundwork is all about preparing the site for the landscape construction project. We are professionals with micro diggers, garden clearance and all aspects of landscaping. We aim to minimise the amount of refuse going to landfill by reusing materials from one part of the garden to another. For example, taking soil excavated in one part to be used in a raised bed in another part of the garden.

We have a case study for a recent groundwork project.

lawn turfing

lawn turfingWe take great pride in our turf laying and use only the best lawn materials available. Preparation is the key to a great looking lawn. We will rotovate and remove any rubble / weeds, solve any drainage issues and may even lay a base of suitable compost before we roll the area level.

If like the image to the right you are installing a pathway through the lawn please remember to set the pathway below the height of the lawn.

It is important to stay off a newly laid lawn for the first few weeks. Please remember to cut your lawn quite high for the first few cuts - this ensures the lawn is rooting. Keep the lawn moist during this period.

We have more information about or lawn turfing services.


garden furniture

garden patio with garden furniture

We have used a variety of outlets for garden furniture and garden buildings over the years from anything including water features, garden decking, planters - great for herb beds or those with mobility issues, rose arches, greenhouses and all manner of garden buildings / storage solutions. We have always found a solution from these suppliers and are more than happy to recommend them.

Harrods Horticultural offer a great range of premium materials including garden furniture. Quite expensive but high quality.

Forest Garden has a great range of garden furniture and garden buildings for delivery straight to your door.


Local builders merchants such as MKM can be a great way of saving some precious pounds and most garden furniture is from stock. Garden buildings are generally a on order item. If you are unsure of anything the guys at MKM Edinburgh are very friendly and will answer any questions you may have.


garden makeover & renovation services

With over ten years of being a landscape gardener, qualifications in gardening and fully insured we are ideally placed for your garden makeover/renovation project. From helping with the garden design to building your garden we are here to help and can work with all budgets.

garden ponds & water feature services

garden pond Edinburgh example

We have built many garden ponds over the years. From bespoke raised ponds built with stone through to preformed ponds dug in the ground. There is no better way to attract wildlife into your garden. It doesn't need to be a massive deep pond - even converting a wooden barrel into a pond will attract life.

There are many factors to consider in designing and building a garden pond - these are just some of the points we can discuss with you:

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have on any of our landscape gardener services.

Our landscaper design advice

We have a series of articles that aim to help you with your choices of design elements and landscaping materials. Our current garden design and garden landscaping articles are:

Contact Colinton Gardening Services - garden landscaping for Edinburgh for your garden design project

So why not contact us on 07717 461 184 and get a free, no-obligation estimate.

landscape gardeners Edinburgh FAQs

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding our landscape services.

There are figures from landscaping bodies that recommend between 4 and 7 percent of a properties value for a garden makeover project. We have worked with clients whose budget is anything from £600 through to £30k for a full garden renovation. We can talk about budgets and set a reasonable one when we come and see you for your free estimate.

Absolutely, we can build your new garden in stages if that helps with paying for your garden makeover. Our hard landscape gardening services include garden patios & paving, decking, retaining walls, raised beds, fencing and more.

Once we have finalised the garden design and chosen landscaping materials we can then give you an accurate estimate for your garden makeover project. This will include a timescale and in larger projects a breakdown of stages for your project. Our rate is £25 per man hour.

We are professional plants-men and can design a planting scheme bespoke for your landscape gardening project. We have contacts in the trade that can supply beautiful plants at great prices. Want a low maintenance garden? Not a problem. We will give you a list of plants and how to care for them throughout the year.

We have lots of experience in landscaping gardens, and have professionalise in all forms of hard landscaping (garden patios & paving, decking, retaining walls, raised beds, planting design, fences, driveways). We can give you an accurate estimate based on your design and material choices.

Our Edinburgh & the Lothians based landscape design and landscape gardeners team

So why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation about our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden landscaping team and find out how we can design and build the garden of your dreams.

Our qualified Edinburgh gardeners team will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We offer a complete garden clearance service that we tailor to you and your garden.

landscape gardener Edinburgh build services

If you already have a garden design developed by yourself then we will be happy to offer landscape construction and landscape gardeners services.