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5 garden design books you should read

One of the most important things to any budding garden designer is "inspiration". It's drawing ideas and concepts from the greats and applying them to your own model. One thing we love doing is leafing through garden design books to find sparks of inspiration. Just one small picture is sometimes all it takes to spark an entirely new design. Reading the wise words of the best garden designers helps you take your craft to the next level.

It's also essential for those who are new to the gardening world. If that applies to you, welcome! You are joining a wonderful community of green-fingered professionals and enthusiasts. The following books will prove a vital resource to you on your journey. They will help provide basic advice and techniques to start building your knowledge. Plus, they will give you an insight into the history and rich tapestry of garden design. So, where should you start?

1. Gardens Are For People

The first book on our list couldn't be anything other than Gardens Are For People. It was written by the godfather of garden design, Thomas Church. During his illustrious career, he designed over 2,000 gardens for some of the most high-profile clients. He became the most in-demand contemporary garden designer in America. His landmark book, Gardens Are For People defines his philosophy and approach to design. It's the bare bones of understanding how and why garden design is so powerful. The book comes complete with hundreds of images and site plans designed by Church himself.

2. RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design

Moving on from the history and philosophy of garden design, it';s time to swot up on the particulars. The RHS Encyclopedia covers everything from how to draw up plans to project management. If our first book is all about inspiration and philosophy, this one is all about cold, hard facts. This is the beginner's guide, and a great place to start if you are new to the craft.

3. Room Outside

Room Outside is written by another of the industry's most respected designers, John Brookes. Again, this book is more about philosophy and inspiration. It set the tone for the 1970s garden design revival and has shaped the world of design since. It teaches you to think of the garden as an extension of the home. An extra room that is both functional and beautiful.

4. The Book Of Garden Design

This is one of our favourite books when it comes to inspiration. It's an enormous coffee-table book that comes in a dense hard-back form. It's is full of more than 500 wonderful photos and images. It shows the creation of a great garden design from start to finish.

5. The Garden Design Bible

The first four books will provide you with the perfect history, philosophy, and inspiration behind all good garden design. But, at a certain point, you have to start sketching! That's where the Garden Design Bible comes in. It has 40 simple designs that you can use as a start point. Get inspiration, and begin your very first garden design.

These five books will teach you everything you need to know about effective garden design. Buy them all, and use them wisely!

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