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Our garden landscaping advice : Your garden landscaping project checklist


If you are getting started on a garden design and landscaping project, you need a handy checklist to help you out! Luckily, we have come up with a fantastic list of everything you need to consider when redesigning a garden. You can keep this list with you on your next project, or use it to generate ideas. However you use it, it's guaranteed to help you bring a garden to life, without any missteps along the way.

Garden design concept and ideas

The first thing on our checklist is the initial concept and ideas. Sometimes this will come directly from the client's mind. Sometimes, it's up to you to create a concept that works for the garden landscaping. Too often, we rush into garden landscaping without looking at the bigger picture. Make sure you take the time to formulate the grand plan before you get started. Sketch ideas, and bounce concepts around before you commit to the final design. You will be looking at the completed project for years to come, so take care with your decisions.


The lawn is often the heart of the garden. Especially if there are children involved. Families love to create a large space for the children to run wild and explore their imaginations. It's your job to make this green expanse work with your more creative ideas in the garden. You could consider a creative shape or style for the lawn. Try a circular pattern, for example.

Plants and flowers

One of the trickiest aspects of garden landscaping is choosing the right plants and flowers. During the planning phase, you will mark out specific areas for the flower beds. Ideally, they should complement the surrounding design, and provide sensible boundaries and borders. After that, it's all about choosing the right combinations of plants and flowers. Everything from colour to blooming cycle will need to be taken into account here.

Garden Patios and paving

A good, functional garden needs an area for sitting out and enjoying the natural surroundings. That means planning for a large patio or decking area. The important thing here is taking in the natural movements of the sun. What corner of the garden gets the most daylight, and where does the shade fall? You will also need to consider the best materials, both functionally and aesthetically.

garden landscaping practicalities

Whilst it is the garden designers job to bring life and beauty to the garden, don't forget about the practicalities. When drawing up the plans, you need to consider where the bins will go. Where will the main storage points be? Is there good access to the house, and any side alleys? Always think about the function of the space, as well as the form.


We have put the budget last because it is important to let your creative juices flow first! Get all your ideas and concepts out on paper, then consider the budget. But, at some point, you will need to consider the sums and figures. Try to make sure the materials are affordable, and that the entire project comes in on budget. We have another article focusing on how much to spend on a garden design and landscaping project.

Thanks for reading, and we hope that gives you a good starting point for your garden design and landscaping project.



Our garden design & garden landscaping advice

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