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10 pinterest boards to follow about garden design & garden landscaping


Pinterest is the best place in the world to find inspiration for your makeover. It's all about real people posting genuine pictures of their craft. It's a wonderful place to share your best gardening ideas, and pick up inspiration from others. We regularly drop in and pin our favourite designs. So, we thought we would put together a list of our favourite Pinterest garden accounts. Follow them all, and create a world of new ideas around you!

1. Garden Design - This is the Pinterest account of one of our favourite gardening magazines. Published four times a year, Garden Design is our go-to resource. And now they have a Pinterest account where they share beautiful new designs.

2. Edible Gardening - Edible Gardening isn't exactly an account. It is actually a pinboard, but it's so good, we had to include it. It's full of delicious-looking fruits and home-grown vegetables. It's mouthwatering!

3. Judith Sharp - Judith has one of the most followed Pinterest accounts in gardening with nearly 250,000 followers. She's a mother and grandmother with a passion for all things green. You'll find some wonderful pictures here, and excellent consultation advice too!

4. Greenspace Garden Design - Greenspace is a consultancy and design company, so they certainly know their stuff! Their Pinterest boards are full of interesting and quirky designs. If you're looking for some out-of-the-box inspiration, take a look.

5. Lara Copley Smith Garden Design- Lara's take on garden design focuses on the traditional and classical. Browsing through her Pinterest boards is an inspirational look at the past. She posts images that bridge the gap between traditional and modern. We've lost count of the hours we've spent looking at her images!

6. Home & Garden - The Home & Garden account offers a little bit of everything. They tend to focus on the fusion between the indoors and the outdoors. They even have a specific board for outdoor pools! Lots of inspiration to be found here.

7. Shelley Hugh-Jones - Based in London, Shelley has a keen eye for modern garden designs. Her Pinterest boards are full of alternative designs, and minimalist sketches. It's the perfect place to find ideas for a unique garden concept.

8. Designer Gardens - Designer Gardens highlights a little bit of everything. From gardens around the world to specific fish pond designs, they have it all. They seem drawn to colour and flowers in particular. So, if you've got a colourful garden design in mind, it's well worth a look.

9. Designer Jens Svensson - This Swedish designer focuses on the traditional gardens of Scandinavia. Expect lots of polished wood, simple forms, and beautiful accessories. He has a particularly useful pinboard for using stones and pebbles.

10. Garden Studio Design - Garden Studio Design focuses on modern design forms. Think outdoor fireplaces, modern BBQs, and elegant furniture. This account is all about creating an extra room in the outdoor area. It's perfect if you are thinking of a sleek and stylish garden design.

Thanks for reading! Go ahead and follow each every one of these Pinterest accounts. You'll soon be bursting with inspiration and ideas!

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