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Edinburgh garden clearance services & rubbish removal services

Thank you for visiting the garden clearance and rubbish removal for Edinburgh section of our web site. We offer a free no, obligation consultation so please feel free to contact us.

No matter how overgrown your garden is we can get it back into great shape. Clearly our gardening services and garden clearance services are weather dependent so please see what the weather has in store for us.

Our gardeners are qualified, professional, insured and experienced. We can remove your garden rubbish and dispose of it ethically.

So whether we are re-establishing borders and paths, tackling an overgrown lawn, pruning shrubs, trimming hedges and pruning an overgrown tree we have the skills and experience to tackle your garden. When our garden clearance service is complete we can devise a garden maintenance program specific to your gardens requirement. We are proud of our garden clearance services.

Edinburgh garden clearance example

Edinburgh garden waste removal & recycling

In some garden clearances we will hire a skip for all the green waste and waste removal or it may be more economical for us to remove and dispose of the waste ethically. We use Colinton Community Compost, a day care charity for adults with learning difficulties, to dispose of this green waste. Here they make compost and wood chips from your garden waste.

Once you garden clearance is complete we can then give you an estimate for keeping your garden looking great - be it a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or seasonal visit.

We are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Our staff are qualified gardeners and offer a highly professional garden makeover, and garden design services.

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We were asked to perform a winter tidy for a large, mature garden in south Edinburgh. Being qualified gardeners we were able to cut back herbaceous plants, prune shrubs / trees and weed the entire garden. All garden waste was removed from site and recycled into compost.

garden clearance Edinburgh example <

garden clearance Edinburgh example

garden clearance Edinburgh example

This project was very rewarding as we had to ensure each plant was identified and cared for appropriately. We look forward to maintaining this garden next season.

Our Edinburgh garden landscaping services

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So why not contact us on 07717 461 184 and get a free, no-obligation estimate for your garden clearance service from Colinton Gardening Services - garden landscaping for Edinburgh.


Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding our garden clearance Edinburgh services.

We offer a free, no obligation estimate for your garden clearance project so please contact us to arrange a suitable time. We have a great selection of power tools that can zip through your garden renovation project quite quickly.

Absolutely, we can dispose of your garden waste. We use Tiphereth for all our green waste. They are a day care charity that turns your garden rubbish into compost/wood chips. For other types of waste we would need to hire a skip.

For sure. We have professionalise in house to treat your weed problem. Generally we cut back, wait for new growth and spray with weedkiller and then repeat this process.

We are professional plants-men and can advise you on whether to save a plant or remove it. Some plants can be cut down and re-planted elsewhere in your garden with a good success rate.

Definitely. We are professional garden designers and landscape gardeners. We can help you with both hard landscaping and soft landscaping for your garden makeover project.

Our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden design and garden landscaping teams

So why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation about our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden landscaping team and find out how we can design and build the garden of your dreams.

Our qualified Edinburgh gardeners team will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We offer a complete garden clearance service that we tailor to you and your garden.

Edinburgh landscape construction & landscape build services

If you already have a garden design developed by yourself then we will be happy to offer landscape construction and landscape gardeners services.