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For a free, no-obligation estimate for your garden makeover project - 07717 461 184.

Thank you for visiting the soft landscaping & planting design/plan section of our web site. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so please contact us regarding your soft and hard garden landscaping project.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for your garden makeover so please feel free to contact us.

The term Soft Landscaping is used by garden designers and gardeners to describe the vegetative elements of a design.

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We generally complete a planting plan for your soft landscaping project towards the end of the hard landscaping. The reason for this is once the hard landscaping structure is in place we can then discuss your soft landscaping options.

There are always plants for the soil conditions, water demands, aspect (sun, partial shade, shade), maintenance requirements and your soft landscaping budget.

Low maintenance plants? Not a problem. A high-quality weed sheet, stapled to the ground, and landscaping bark placed on top? Not a problem and this will minimise your weeding and at the same time allow rain-water through. Got a specific plant in mind? Not a problem, we will find a local soft landscaping supplier that can source it.

soft landscaping & planting design Edinburgh - a completed project.

Please note, we are only a phone call away for a friendly chat about your soft landscaping & hard landscaping choices.

Planting out your garden design & garden landscaping project ( soft landscaping & planting design)

We are now ready to begin the soft landscaping part of your garden landscaping project and will develop a bespoke planting plan for your garden space. We will take into consideration your aspirations for colour, the season of interest, height, fragrance and budget. We have sourced garden plants from a few pence through to just under £950 for one plant. We have a solution for every planting budget.

Our qualified gardeners will make sure to treat all your plants carefully. We will place them, still in the pots, where the soft landscaping design tells us to. Once you are happy with where the plants are placed we can start to plant them.

Obviously we will dig a deep and wide enough hole to give the plant space to grow. We will also use bone meal, appropriate compost, slow-release fertiliser and any ties/steaks that are required.

We will help you to source the plants from trade nurseries, the plants will be delivered right to your door, we will position the plants as per the planting design/plan so that you can plant out - or we can do the planting for you.

We also have a section on our Edinburgh garden design services.


Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding our planting design/plan services.

We offer a free, no obligation estimate for your planting plan project so please contact us to arrange a suitable time. We have sourced plants from a few pounds each through to £1k for a particular plant.

Absolutely. We have relationships with local plant nurseries and can source/supply and plant specific specimens.

By far the cheapest way to stock your garden is to grow from seed. Another way is to take cuttings from friends plants and grow them on. Clearly this method would save a huge amount but would take a while for the plants to establish. The RHS website ( is a good placed to start for your gardening questions.

If you are new to gardening, or have limited experience we can devise a planting design/plan that uses low maintenance and easy to care for plants. We will give you a list of plants and how to care for them.

Definitely. We have relationships with suppliers and can have 1 cubic meter sq bags of compost delivered to your door for around £35 per bag. This compost will be dug into your borders to give the new plants a good start.

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